The Students,

The future is yours. You have therefore, to work hard and be obedient to your school superiors so that you can take an active part in this competitive world. Always remember there is scope for better improvements but make the best use of the facilities that your home, school and your country provide you. Children, make it a habit to lead a planned life and form the habit of doing your task regularly Do not leave work for tomorrow.

You should note down your homework in your school Diary assigned to you by your teacher and your work should be done correctly, neatly and fully completed.

Fix your hours of study at home. You must do your work regularly and revise the day’s lessons. You must bring the School Diary daily Always remember to work hard now and reap the fruits later.
God Bless You


1.Students shall come to school on time and be neatly dressed in clean school uniform.
2. No student shall leave the classroom without permission.
3. Pupils changing classes must walk silently and in a single file.
4. Girls students shall not wear any jewellery, have long nails or apply nail polish when they come to
school. Boy students must have a proper hair cut at all times. Long hair, as well as long nails, are not
5. No books, ( other than text books or library books) magazines, somics, papers or music cassettes may be brought to school without the principal’s permission.
6. In order to acquire a good command of the English language, which is the medium of instruction for all subjects, children should speak only in English in the school premises.
7.No monetary collection for any purpose may be made in the school without the previous permission of the Principal.
8. Care must be taken of all school property, and no student shall scratch or spoil the desks or chairs or damage any school furniture, write or draw anything on the walls or in any way damage things belonging to others. Damage done even by accident, shall be reported at once to the school authorities. Any damage done will by made good by the student responsible for it.
9. Bus- monitors will be responsible for orderly behavior in the bus. Indiscipline behavior in the school bus will make the student intelligible to use the school transport.
10. Running and shouting in the school building is not allowed. When using staircases and corridors all must keep to the left. Walking or standing around the office area or the visitor’s lobby must be avoided even during recess.
11. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises without the permission of the principal.
12. Cycles must be kept locked in the place provided. The school will not be responsible for the safety or security of cycles.
13.No student is permitted to bring a Scooter/ Bike or car to the school.
14.The school reserves the right to dismiss a student who is irregular in attendance, whose progress in studies is steadily unsatisfactory, whose conduct in the school or outside is harmful to other students, or whose guardians show little or no interest in the progress of their wards.grave in subordination, discourtesy or disrespect to teachers, contempt of authority, willful damage to the property or physical violence will result in dismissal from the school. No student is permitted to use rude, abusive or in appropriate language in the school premises.
15. A student who uses unfair means during tests, examinations etc, will be given a zero in the subject, The Principal reserves full right in such cases
16.A student who fails twice in the same class for two years or more will not be permitted to continue in the school. .
17. If any student is absent without leave application for a period of 15 days, his/ her name shall be struck off the school rolls. Readmission will be at the sole discretion of the Principal, subject to the availability of a seat. In such cases, full re-admission charges shall be collected from student.
18.No student is allowed to bring any colour or to throw colour on any person with in the school premises will be liable to disciplinary action. In case the colour is thrown on the school property / walls, the repair bills for that would be borne by the parents of the concerned student.
19. No student is allowed to bring any kind of crackers to the school. Any child found in possession of firecrackers in the school or bursting fire crackers with in the school premises shall be dismissed from the school.
20. Students are not permitted to bring mobile telephone to the school. Mobile telephones found in possession of any student, whilst in the school will be confiscated and held by the Principal. The mobile telephones will be returned to the concerned parents only after a written assurance has been given that their child/ ward will not bring the mobile telephone again to the school.
21. Admission fee and other charges deposited at the time of admission will not be returned or adjusted in any case.